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Maintenance & Repair

Boiler Service & Maintenance

Look after your boiler with its annual service and regular maintenance

Boiler & Heating System Repairs

Trouble with your boiler? We provide timely repairs at excellent prices

Boiler Service & Maintenance

Just like cars and other household appliances, your boiler needs an annual service and a bit of care to keep it running smoothly. Not only can an annual service help to ensure your boiler is running safely and efficiently, it can also also highlight any problems with your heating system. Spotting problems early can minimise permanent damage to your boiler and the risk of future breakdowns. 

When it comes to having your boiler serviced, we recommended having your boiler serviced during the summer months so it is ready for when you need it the most. 

Why Get Your Boiler Serviced?

Boiler & Heating System Repairs

Your boiler is one of the most frequently used appliances within your home, however this often goes unnoticed until it goes wrong. At Safe Gas Surrey we are trained to carry out all types of heating and boiler repair work, offering flexible and professional solutions. Our engineer will work quickly to diagnose the problem and get your boiler back up and running again. If you are located in or around Surrey and need an emergency repair, don’t hesitate and give us a call today on 07967 711 927

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